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Go solo

Thinking of traveling solo? When you do it with us, you’ll never be alone. Set off on your dream adventure alongside a group of fellow solo travelers (soon to become new friends), and feel the support of Go Ahead’s global community behind you. Ready to take the leap? Discover four of our favorite Solo Tours.
Jet off to the Island of the Gods
Break a sweat during sunrise yoga and cool off while sharing chilled coconut water, laughter, and island bliss with your fellow solo travelers when you go solo with us to Bali.
Eastern Europe
Discover the Eastern side of Europe
Timeless European cities are waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Go solo to Eastern Europe and discover the magic of Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague.
Treat yourself to a Roman holiday
Ready to cross “tour the Colosseum,” “take a Venetian gondola ride,” and “taste the flavors of Tuscany” off your bucket list? Don’t wait for a travel buddy—make new ones in Italy.
Explore Scotland’s bonnie banks
Shh, listen… do you hear bagpipes? That’s Scotland calling. Hop across the pond for a solo trip and you’ll find charming cities, medieval castles, world-class whisky, and more.
Make travel friends, memories, and more when you go solo with us
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