Summer superlatives: The best of the best in travel

Heavyweight champs: European edition

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Summer Superlatives

In honor of the summer Olympics, we are sharing our favorite attractions, activities, and culinary discoveries. 

From day trips to dining, here are our nominations for some of the very best experiences around Europe. 

Beef cheek: The most praise-

If she could only eat one of San Sebastian’s famed pintxos for the rest of her life, city local and guide Cristina P. would make it the wine-braised beef cheek from Atari. If you haven’t tried Cristina’s desert island pintxo yet, make sure to add it to your bucket list! 

Must-try pintxos

Alcazar: Most breathtaking site in southern Spain

Lush gardens, intricate tilework, and impressive palaces? It can be none other than the Alcazar, a structure that embodies the diverse cultures that have influenced Spain over the centuries. Discover the highlights of this must-see site in our latest blog article.  

Alcazar: An insider’s guide
Most memorable Italian

Forget limoncello or grappa – why not opt for a digestif made of wild arugula? To try this unusual tipple, you’ll have to travel to the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples. There you can find Rucolino served by the glass, with dessert, and even in cocktails.

Cuisine on Ischia

Casa Batlló: Most jaw-dropping residence 
It’s hard to pick just one favorite Gaudi structure. When it comes to awe-inspiring moments, though, it’s hard to beat your first glimpse of Casa Batlló’s wavy walls.
Casa Batllo

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Mona Lisa:
famous painting in Paris

There’s a reason the Mona Lisa perennially pulls visitors into her orbit. If you manage to escape her magnetism, there are other masterpieces in Paris just waiting to be discovered. Make sure to bookmark this article on the most famous paintings in the city – including, but not limited to – the Mona Lisa.   

Top paintings in Paris
Superlative experiences
Roman Icons Tour
Boat-Hopping On the Amalfi Coast

Vineyards in Tuscany:
Most romantic day trip

Wine lovers won’t be disappointed by the amazing vineyards that abound in Tuscany. Bonus: Many of the wineries make their own olive oil, too! 

Take the hassle out of planning a trip by joining our Chianti day trip from Florence. We take care of the logistics so you can focus on enjoying Chianti Classico. 

Chianti From Florence Tour


Via del Presepe:  Street with
the most Christmas spirit 

If you listen to holiday music year-round then you’ll love Naples’ Via del Presepe, where the Christmas spirit spills out into the street. Stands boast all sorts of holiday ornaments, especially miniatures destined for nativity scenes.

Naples’ Christmas street

Lake Vouliagmeni
Lake Vouliagmeni:
Most refreshing day trip  

Just a short distance from Athens is a hidden gem most visitors miss. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, Lake Vouliagmeni is an oasis of serene landscapes and mineral-rich waters. After traipsing around Athens’ ancient sites, the lake offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

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